You can use the information from other networks. Trading signals can be paid or free. This price is not a direct indicator of the quality. While choosing the best signal for yourself, carefully select the source, thoroughly test the reliability of the data in practice.

Obviously that there is no point in getting the signals for the assets that you will not trade. If you are still undecided which asset to chose, and do not have enough knowledge about their nature, give preference to simple ones. Euro, gold, oil – currency and commodities. Shares and indexes are more difficult to predict. They can be disregarded or addressed later. Experienced experts recommend to start only with one or a small number of similar assets to gradually learn their specificity. It will also allow you to eventually move to a fully independent work in the option market.


However pay attention to other characteristics of the signals inside the same update. Pick them to suit your trading style. Pay attention to the amount of information, the frequency of the updates, the prolongation of the forecast. If you work on daily options, the signals about the change of quotations in a couple of hours will be useless for you. The increase and the drop in prices can repeat several times an hour. Therefore, carefully pick the best signal scale.

For example, if you buy hourly options several times a day, the update for signals of next day will be completely irrelevant. Talk about all the information in detail and make sure not to miss anything. Only an individual, careful selection of the signals will provide you with tools, which will be a good basis for successful and profitable trading of binary options.