Is everything so simple that any person engaged in trade on an exchange, in particular, options, will be able to earn an income hundreds of times greater than the monthly salary he receives at the moment? And, of course, it is worth looking at the qualities possessed by all these traders who are successful. It is clear that, like all people, they are very different from one another. However, they all have these things in common:

  • cold calculation. A trader who is able to earn that kind of money can not simply be gambling or make rash moves. Only by placing the logic and calculation in the first place, you can expect to make a profit.


  • the ability to wait. Typically, these traders trade lots and options that are worth not ten dollars but a thousand or more. And they don’t do 25 transactions a day, but instead,one or two per week or per month. But they are confident in their calculations, and can reasonably assume that the price will go exactly where they were predicted.
  • Finally, these traders are really interested in what is happening in the market, well familiar with technical analysis, familiar with the state of the world economy. And, besides, they are not afraid of temporary setbacks and are not afraid to take risks in a good way. Working with stock exchange is always a certain risk, but it’s an opportunity to get something more than what you can get by working as a hired employee.

How to start trading?

If you want to start trading options, then surely you are interested more not in long-term opportunities, but what exactly you can earn in the coming weeks and months. To keep your business going well, it is desirable to adhere to the following rules:

-constantly learn and master new material. If you can’t do the basic technical analysis and are unable to analyze charts, it is better even not to start trade. Well, you can develop these skills without any risk, trading on a demo account.

75663454-have a clear strategy. Incidentally, each strategy has a rate of its profitability. It is best to choose a strategy, which has an average profitability, but also involves minimal risk. Most often profitability strategy is determined as an interest rate. That is, if it is, for example, 60% per month, it means that during this period you can turn $ 100 into 160. And out of a thousand, respectively, 1600. For this reason, it is desirable to continually increase the deposit, so that after each withdrawal of funds on it was a little more than it was last time.

Generally speaking, the right strategy for a novice trader – does not rely directly on the mountains of gold, and try to learn this profession, using all the opportunities that are now available. Then success will follow shortly.