For an effective work with binary options, although considered a simplified version, a trader will need the same thing that for trading on the stock exchange. The main question remains the same – what will be the price dynamics in the near future?

It is obvious that an independent analysis of the market, be it fundamental or technical, is the best guarantee of reliability of the information used while choosing an option and the parameters of the bet. There is no substitute to own deep understanding of the market, giving confidence in the validity of forecasts. Although it requires effort and hard work it pays off later.

However, many option traders would appreciate having an alternative source of information. How to find a source of information you can rely on? Trading signals can be one of quite reliable for this purpose.

Trading signals

They are signals regularly issued by each trading system of any trader. It is the symbol of a confluence of conditions, the occurrence of which prompts the trader to buy a certain option.


Choosing the best trading signal

Among the excessive number of proposed trade signals, you must choose the one which is the best for you. The signals can be of poor quality and can lead to decisions turning into loss. Therefore, we must learn the principles that will help to identify the quality of the signals.

Pay signals

Trading signal should be seen as a product. In order to decide whether or not to purchase or use them for free, analyse the source of the offer. The quality of the goods is determined by the manufacturer, which can be a well-known trader or a specialized agency or an inexperienced beginner or a fraudster who is after “easy” money. Avoid obscure sources. Internet allows you to examine the reputation of the creator of the signal.


Often, brokers offer traders to get signals along with personalized advice from their representative. It is a good base for exploring the principles of the trading system and signal generation. Having figured out the system that can be tuned by an experienced professional, you will be able over time to create your own if you wish. In the meantime, use the paid signals and be careful. Check them on small amounts and take your time. If the source is reliable, later your investment will successfully pay off with profit. Hasty big purchases may lead to loosing the entire deposit.

Also do not forget that the offer to understand how the product works, and test a free demo version is always a good sign.

The most reliable and renowned authors offer one or two free signals to start with. Thus you will be sure that the product is high quality and profitable. And you will be able to buy a subscription for regular signals from the trusted seller risk free.

Free signals


To attract new customers, brokers, private traders and financial advisors offer to use the signals for free. This data of limited volume will allow evaluating the efficiency of the information.

Several sources offer to use the signals for free, they are:

  • News update,
  • Information about the latest successful transactions,
  • Recommendations of the personal managers.

After making sure the products are of high quality, many will be willing to make a deal for regular purchase. This is the right approach.