Titantrade, the binary option broker, has appeared relatively recently. Today the company is one of the leaders on the market and is very popular amongst traders. The official website of TitanTrade is available in many languages.

The main mission of the company is to provide opportunities for traders around the world to work with many interesting financial instruments, as well as with the underlying assets. Working with TitanTrade is rather easy. You simply need to sign up, select one of the accounts, which are described below, make a deposit and get familiarized with the platform.

Presently TitanTrade company is not subject to any regulation. This is a downside. However, given the small number of negative reviews about this broker, we can say that a lot of traders are successfully investing with TitanTrade.

Signing uptitantrade england

The registration procedure with the broker is simple. You must fill out the form (it can be done directly on the website by filling out the form on the left). You will have to provide more details, including a user name and a password. Upon the completion of this step, you can proceed to the next stage – the choice of trading accounts and deposit with TitanTrade.

The broker of binary options TitanTrade offers traders four types of accounts. The easiest and most affordable of them is Mini / test. Minimum deposit equals 250 US dollars. The maximum deposit that may be made to this account is $1,000.

The picture shows in detail the advantages offered by each of the four accounts. It is worth noting that even a basic account entitles you to receive up to 500 USD as a bonus from TitanTrade.

TitanTrade trading platform

To start the description of TitanTrade trading platform let’s say that it is not something special in the marketplace today. Many brokers use such a terminal. However TitanTrade is the one who offers such a large number of contracts. By the way, the description of the contracts can be found directly on our website.

In general, the trading terminal does not offer many opportunities from the point of view of technical analysis. One cannot add the indicators, like on the platform of 24option. Perhaps, one of the advantages to be noted are candlesticks charts and the time scale evolving in the range of up to 12 hours. However, many will appreciate this simplicity and deem it as advantage. Working with trading terminal from TitanTrade.com is easy indeed.

Broker contracts of TitanTrade

So, what are the contracts offered by the broker TitanTrade? First of them is binary options which is a classical high / low contracts which consist in determining the asset prices at expiration compared to the current value of the asset.

“Pairs” is another interesting tool, which can be found not only on the website TitanTrade. The main goal here is to determine which one of two underlying assets will be sold better on the market.

Long-term binary options allow you to keep a transaction open from several days up to one month.

“Sixty seconds,” here the broker TitanTrade offers short-term options with the expiration time of one minute.

“One touch” is a well known and quite a popular contract. Despite the relatively high risks, this option has attracted the attention of a large number of traders. Its main purpose is to determine whether or not the price of an underlying asset will reach a certain level during the week. The yield of the contract can reach 500%!

Finally, the official TitanTrade website offers such a contract “ladder” options. It work in levels. Trader has a choice of several intervals, where may be the price at the time of expiration. Naturally, the smaller the probability of such an event, the greater the yield of the option.

Broker training with TitanTrade

The process of training of the traders within TitanTrade Academy involves two main tools – trader school and webinars. The first one includes a large amount of video content for beginner investors and for those who already have experience in trading.

As for the webinar, there you can learn a lot of useful information. To do this, you must register for classes using a special calendar. To all its clients the broker of binary options TitanTrade gives a free e-book.titantrade

The company’s website displays some quite interesting strategy shared by professional traders. All of them are made available to everyone who wants to take advantage of them.

Finally, the binary broker TitanTrade offers everyone the so-called social trading. This is not an alarm system but something very similar. Any company’s client can connect to this service and copy trades of successful traders.

The overall impression and reviews of the broker TitanTrade

Generally speaking, the broker TitanTrade leaves rather ambiguous impression. On the one hand, everything is simple and easy. On the other hand, one would need a more in-depth analysis of the market.

With regard to training, it is quite good. However, like most other brokers, the information is still insufficient to seriously establish yourself on the binary option market.

Last but not least  – the reviews of TitanTrade. They are quite many. A lot of them are negative. But they are rather not about the broker, but one of the partner websites. They all advertise certain brokers by offering supposedly super strategy. At the same time, many traders think these individuals are brokers themselves. This is the case for TitanTrade.

We recommend you try to work with Titantrade, since this broker contributed to many success stories. Many made a very impressive profit from scratch.