What should be done if you chose to apply this strategy to binary options trading?

  • You should correlate the amount on your deposit with a minimal deal. The deal must be much smaller. For instance, if your deposit is £250 you can buy options which cost £1. In this event, you must have many unsuccessful deals in a row to lose your deposit (approximately 8 deals). But in case you start with a £20 deal, your deposit will be lost very fast.
  • You shouldn’t use the same basic asset several times in a row. If you predicted the rise of Euro and lost, you shouldn’t make one more mistake and buy or sell Euro again.


  • It is typical for the Martingale strategy to use short positions which means 30 seconds and one minute options. If a trader thinks logically, it will be difficult to predict how the price will change in several seconds. It’s next to impossible. You and other traders are in the same situation here. It’s important for you to work with a broker who repays the price of the option in full if the position is closed at the price it was previously opened. You should work with one minute options; that will enable you to save your deposit.

At last, try not to play against the trend. If you see that Euro has an upward bias, you should buy it relying on its further growth. If you see that gold is going down, you should sell it. Should you supplement Martingale method with other trading tools (indicators, lines), it would allow you to have a stable income working not like a gambler but like a real member of the market.