Trading binary options, as well as all trade on the stock exchange is a process that requires not only the knowledge and skills to trade from the trader, but also consumes a lot of time.

On the one hand, the advantage of binary options is that the trader doesn’t have to spend too much time on the market. After all, having bought an option, you will not need to keep track of its “destiny”, as everything will become clear at the time of expiration, and usually the trader cannot change anything.

However, all other points that are valid, for example, for a Forex trader, are just as valid in relation to the options. In particular – you have to spend a lot of time searching for trading signals. Therefore, the question arises – is it possible to make do without it? Can we entrust all trading to robots, or, as they are also called, the bots? Is it really possible for option trading? And most importantly – how much is it in demand and useful?

Three ways to trade on the stock exchange


In fact, the idea to use robots or automated trading systems is not new. Both on the currency and on the stock exchange, such robots are used on a regular basis. And all there are three ways of trading, if we talk specifically about the use of such systems.

The first option is a fully independent trade, when the trader does not use any tips and makes the deals himself. This requires a long-term presence in the market, as well as a deep understanding of all that is happening there. At the same time, this option specifically could be called the best, because meaningful trade always brings you more profits.

The second option – the use of advisers. It should be noted that advisers are not bots. And they can be presented in different forms. From the free or fee-based advice that will come to you by mail or phone, to special programs to help you not miss the right moment for a bargain purchase of an option.

Finally, the third option – it is when everything is done completely without trader’s participation. That is, the trader merely comes to a broker site, launches a particular program, it sets the terms of trade, and the program trades completely on its own, making purchases of options at the moments that it finds most favorable.


How profitable is it? On the one hand, of course, it is beneficial because you don’t have to spend your time and still earn an income. On the other hand, being a trader is as much a profession as any other, and here, too, one can not do without “investment” of their time, energy and intellectual abilities. A dream that everything “would be done by itself,” and the money would come to you without your participation, often turns into disappointment, because the robots are able to not only win, but also to lose money. At the very least, they require daily monitoring. At most, it would be nice to know exactly how the system works, what its strengths and weaknesses are, when and with which basic assets it gives the best results. Only then can you expect your robot to trade successfully.