A situation where the binary options broker in is no hurry to pay the money earned, and then completely refused to return the money that a trader has made a deposit, is very unpleasant. However, to prevent the occurrence of such situations is not always possible, especially since the brokerage in the domestic market investment services is virtually not regulated. Therefore, the trader must be mentally prepared for any events, and try to think about all the situations that could potentially arise.

I have to say that if, in principle, the operator – the fraudster simply collects funds under the guise of providing services in the binary options market, to force him to give money is almost impossible. That is, theoretically, the probability of involvement of such organizations to justice by means of the law enforcement agencies of different levels exist. However, in practice the chances that at the same time a certain amount of money comes back, it is extremely small.

In some cases, when it comes to large brokers that operate in accordance with a license, it is possible to solve the money issue by referring to the regulator, which issued this license. However, in such cases the denial of refund has reasonable justification, because the organization does not want to “out of the blue” lose his license, for which a lot of money has been paid (in addition, to obtain such a document takes a long time).


A payment system

The solution discussed below, does not lie in the plane of the indirect (or direct exposure). There is the possibility of a refund by the payment systems through which the money was transferred to the broker’s account. But this mechanism only works when you replenish your deposit paying with a banking card. It can be a card of any bank, but it is necessary that it handles one of the payment systems – Visa or MasterCard (must show the logo).

If the deposit is replenished otherwise, for instance through the accounts of electronic payment systems, it won’t e possible. Therefore, choosing a way to replenish the deposit, it is worth considering the possibility of paying with a credit card – that choice was given a chance to return the money if the broker would suddenly come up with a crook or a convincing case for the refusal of the reverse transaction.