Nowadays, binary options are becoming an increasingly popular method of earning money. If you are not new to this market, stability of your income will depend only on your talent. This field of business offers big opportunities for everyone. If you work on this market, you can have a stable income which would depend only on you. Binary options trading makes a person significantly freer and more independent. You will no longer be a low-paid worker and you will be able to work for yourself receiving a hefty compensation for your efforts.

Many would think it’s a fairy tale. If everything is so simple why everyone hasn’t started options trading yet?


It should be noted that this business is not that simple. Moreover, you shouldn’t think that relying on your intuition will make you rich in two days. No wise person would ever believe it. Similar opinions can be heard in respect to Forex. Stop working for somebody else, switch to trading, and get heaps of money…

However, binary options trading, just as foreign or stock exchange markets trading is a work and not an entertainment. It means that if you want to get something, you’ll have to put efforts into it. Easy money is advertised exclusively by financial pyramids that promise sky high income in short time. As the result, you let yourself be tempted, invest your savings, but the miracle will never happen.

Many people have this kind of understanding about binary options trading. However, there are important differences. In order to understand the actual state of things, the most common myths about binary options trading have to be dispelled.

Binary options. What myths are there?

The most common myth about the options as a source incredible wealth without efforts has already been busted.

Myth one


“If I fail, I can lose everything and go into debt.”

This may sound absurd but many people believe it so strongly that they don’t even want to try trading. It would be enough to say that binary options trading implies that you only work with the amount which you transferred to your deposit. .

In order to overcome your fear and anxiety, you should initially invest the amount which won’t affect your living standards in case things went wrong. You don’t have to take a loan and deposit it in full in order to start trading. Try to begin with a smaller amount like £10-£100.

Myth two

“Binary options trading is like a casino. It’s impossible to earn there. Sooner or later everyone loses anyway.”

By the way, it’s is a good way of thinking but only in case you consider binary options to be a casino. If so, you will inevitably lose. However, if you change your approach towards it, the result will certainly be positive. Unlike gambling in casino, where it’s impossible to make a credible forecast, binary options trading makes it possible for a trader to perform analysis, which will be the foundation to make the right decision, and, eventually, get profit. It is not gambling but earning money using your intellectual capabilities. It means that you can rightfully consider the money that you make earned.

Myth three


“Anyone can be a trader and work with options.”

The real situation is different. Who can be a trader? A person who is ready for it. The one who is willing to constantly learn and understand the smallest details of the business and not just come to grab a couple of dollars.

The important prerequisite for trader’s successful work is the right attitude to binary options. You can’t rely solely on your luck all the time, then you will always lose. It is important that you learn how to control yourself and not get tempted by sporadic urges. You should be guided by the trading rules. Only is this case a person can earn money.