– a service that provides free trading robot for binary options. This is a new and unique product that offers its users to experience all the benefits of fully automated trading of binary options. The trader is not even need online – Robot sells itself on his behalf.

Website Binary Option Robot operates in 18 languages. Therefore, a trader from any country in the world has no problems orienting himself.

The Platform cooperates with Safe Certified binary options brokers and openly provides all the signal statistics, which the robot deals with. The site is completely safe and has already won several prestigious awards for automated trading from authoritative resources.

How to get the robot to trade binary options

It’s enough to register on the site and you will already be able to control the robot. No download is required – it is operated on the same platform. However, to make it work, you must make a deposit to your trading account on one of the proposed resource brokers. The robot will manage the trade on your behalf.

On the same platform you can register with a broker. Note that Binary Option Robot site can not see the data submitted for the broker platform.

How does the trading robot work

On the platform under review there are three professional trader – Katrina, Mircea and Sergiy, who generate trading signals on their strategies and depending on market conditions, and the robot trades based by the signals on the user’s behalf. This offsets all the shortcomings of automated trading. That is, the robot, thanks to the trader signals adapts to new market conditions and, in contrast to all other robots, it is not done based on the history of the chart.

In addition, all of the statistics provided by the signal can be seen by anyone, even unregistered users. Average success signal is 78%, which is impressive. In this case the options are not short-term. All of them are long-term – until the end of the day, week or month, which only increases the reliability of the signal.binary option robot england

This robot from is ideal beginners, as they can trust the professionals, rather than the soulless program. The machine only enters into transactions on signals from the real pros.

Setting up the robot

Of course, the robot can be set to fully secure trade. Adjust the maximum number of transactions per day, the amount of investment in the deal, the daily limit is the amount by which the robot stops trading in case of failure. All this makes fully automated trade safe.

In addition, there is a VIP features of the robot – is the choice of the degree of risk of the signal, the trader and the term of the option. VIP is available to users only under certain conditions.

How to enable the robot

The robot does not need to be turned on. Once you have registered on the platform – the robot is already yours. When making a deposit the robot starts working. You just need to not not forget to set it up.

Also, the robot can manage multiple trading accounts. So Binary Option Robot platform gives you the opportunity to simultaneously trade with 6 brokers.

The advantages of using binaryoptionrobot site

The robot is fully automated – it controls the account, even when you are offline and relax somewhere on the beach.

The robot does not require the download and installation. It’s enough to register on the platform.

The versatility of the service does not allow you to lose money. It takes into account all the parameters through which the robot does not lose money on the account.

The discipline of trade that newcomers lack . The robot is only to be trading signals from professional traders.

High-speed trading. Service immediately responds to a trading signal and enters into a transaction on your account.binary option robot

Unlike other robots to binary options, the robot adapts to any market conditions, because it is not spelled out strategy, it merely repeats human transaction of the pros.

The robot is free for all.

Ongoing support. Even if something is not clear to you, you can always contact a support in the tab “Contact”.

Binary Option Robot – a unique and efficient service of trading binary options, which takes into account all the shortcomings of automated trading. Therefore, it is completely safe. We recommend that you use!