Binary Options Broker Anyoption is another company registered in Cyprus. The broker offers the world’s largest platform compliant with the regulation across the European Union.

With regard to the regulation in the European Union, Anyoption has a large number of certificates and licenses issued by the largest and most important bodies, which are known to many traders. As for beginners in binary options, they will be interested to know that Anyoption activity is controlled in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and other EU countries, including Cyprus.

The broker Anyoption exists since 2008. Today it is the oldest company in this market. During this time, the broker of binary options did not receive many complaints from the traders. Anyoption has not lost its popularity. Company’s old customers continue to trust it. At the same time, new traders also invest funds and work on this platform.

Signing in with Anyoption broker

To create an account with this broker, you need to go through three steps. First: filling a special form with personal data. This will get you to your trading workspace. There the trader makes a deposit by any convenient way among those available (VISA, MasterCard, Webmoney, bank transfers and so on). At the first pay-out, the broker Anyoption will ask to go through verification. This procedure is mandatory for most companies operating on the market. On the one hand, the broker prevents money laundering, on the other hand, it is safer for the trader.anyoption england

The binary options broker Anyoption offers only one type of trading account with a minimum deposit of 200 USD. Subsequent deposits by the trader start from $ 100.

A minimum deposit of 200 USD offered by Anyoption, in principle, cannot be qualified as high. The popular brokers in the market offer more or less the same amount today. Besides, this minimum deposit allows you to really start makin profit.

Anyoption Trading Platform

Anyoption broker trading platform in many respects is functionally similar to other trading platforms of binary options brokers. It allows you to open the transaction and to track the current rate of the underlying assets.

In terms of functionality, Anyoption trading platform is no different from other broker terminals.

It is quite simple to use. In order to buy a contract, the trader selects the type of option, the underlying asset, the direction or the other conditions provided by the contract, expiry time and investment amount.

One can start using Anyoption trading platform immediately after making the minimum deposit with the broker. However, prior to this we recommend to get acquainted with the interactive demo account in order to understand how the platform works.

Anyoption demo account

Unlike most binary options brokers, Anyoption found his own way in regard to the demo account. It offers an interactive demo, which gives you a complete idea of what Anyoption trading platform is and what features it has.anyoption

Binary Options Broker Anyoption offers an interactive demo account, which will allow you in just a few clicks to get acquainted with the trading platform.

On the one hand, the fact that a trader can practice trading with the help of the demo account is a significant drawback. On the other hand, Anyoption broker assumes that training accounts in general, are not very useful for traders. In any case, it is better than nothing at all.

Types of contracts. Anyoption underlying assets

Binary Options Broker offers its customers four types of contracts. The classic options or binary options is the first of them. This type of contract involves determining the direction of the price change in relation to the current price of the underlying asset.

Option + is the second type of contract, which offers Anyoption broker. This option has one rather interesting feature. It can be sold to the broker at any time (with a lower premium).

Another interesting contract offered by Anyoption is binary 0-100. Under certain scenarios a trader can buy or sell contracts. This option is characterized by extensive capabilities in terms of profitability. However, the higher the yield, the higher the risk.

Finally, as with most brokers, Anyoption has a lucrative option OneTouch. It allows you to earn up to 380 per cent. Of course, this option carries a higher risk and therefore it is not recommended to all traders.

Training provided by Anyoption broker

The training provided by the broker of binary options Anyoption includes video of the interactive demo described above, e-book, as well as specialized articles. As with most companies, video guide is divided into beginners and advanced traders.

Anyoption offers all its customers the following types of training materials:

  • video lessons
  • interactive e-book
  • articles

Anyoption video tutorials for traders tell what binary options are, what are the features of this kind of trade contracts. Also, in video tutorial, you can learn about what market analysis is, what kinds of market analysis exists.

The e-book, in principle, duplicates video tutorials. It will be useful and interesting to those who better understand written text than video materials. Other than that, it presents all of the same aspects of the financial markets, as video tutorials.

Anyoption broker trading alerts

Now let us address the signal system of Anyoption broker. In general, this system can be hardly called signal system. It is more of an advanced tool showing the traders’ opinion. However, it can be very useful to many investors, including beginners.england

What can be seen by those who use live-transaction of Anyoption broker? First of all they are contracts, which the traders bought for various underlying assets. That is, you can simply join these transactions by opening your own one in the same direction).

We recommend that you use this tool with caution. Even experienced traders do wrong conclusions from time to time. Therefore, before buying contracts following such signals, we recommend that you conduct your own analysis of the underlying asset. If the result coincides with the signal, it will be only to your advantage. If the result does not match, you will make your own decision, depending on whose opinion you trust more. You might as well give up the deal.

Reviews of Anyoption

There are reviews where some traders complain that the broker does not pay money for the bonus program, forcing traders to fulfil a certain number of transactions. Such a complaint is not justified. Traders should carefully read the conditions of bonuses before they accept them!

Some traders are unhappy with the terms of the mandatory verification. To date however, no broker offers trading without verification.

Anyoption also has many positive reviews. The traders do make profit working with the company. You can check it by reading comments on the article.

Advantages and disadvantages of Anyoption

Here is a short summary of our review of Anyoption broker with a special emphasize  on the advantages and disadvantages of the company:

  • + Reliable broker on the market since 2008, regulated across the EU
  • + Simple and intuitive platform
  • + Possibility to plan contracts by yourself
  • + Wide range of training materials
  • + Possibility to copy the best traders of Anyoption broker

The disadvantages of this broker are perhaps the absence of opportunity to carry out an analysis on the platform, as well as a rather high minimum deposit of $200. But the latter shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who has serious intentions as to earning money in the financial markets.